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Experience the Uncompromising World of Chord Electronics
Entirely Designed and Manufactured in England, Chord Electronics has always aimed at delivering pure audio through its range of legendary DACs and Amplifiers. Their Story begins from the aviation world where they struggled to achieve uncompromised standards, which has formed grounds of the company's philosophy ever since its inception in 1989. Their first amplifiers were supplied to BBC, followed by world-leading studios like Abbey Road, Sony Music(New York) and the Opera House.

Inside Chord Studios 
Where Jaime spends half of his time stationed within the studio, and the other half on location, Jaime demands only the very best digital to analogue converters, which is why he chooses Chord Electronics. He has Hugo TT DAC ready and waiting in the studio control room and listening room to directly feed his monitors and uses Hugo for when mixing on the move with headphones.

FPGA DAC Technology Explained
This technology which is the same for all Chord's DAC range, including; Mojo, 2Qute, Hugo, Hugo 2, and Dave, whereby they use a field-programmable gate array rather than a traditional industrial DAC chip. Listen to their digital designer Rob Watts explain it in this short video.

Awards Won By Chord Electronics

  • Hi-Fi World Awards 2016
  • EISA Awards 2016
  • Hifi-News, Editors Choice Award
  • What HiFi, Star of 2017
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